Activating SMEs
for global growth

Equilibrium is a data-driven B2B marketplace that embeds financial and logistics solutions into SMEs daily operations.

We enable global and local SMEs to operate at multinational scale by enabling the procurement of service providers and accelerating the fulfilment of B2B international trade processes through automation and data transparency across value chains.


Tapping into the economic potential of new markets by plugging into a global network of verified buyers, suppliers and service providers.

Integrated global logistics infrastructure

Bringing all stakeholders in one integrated data-driven virtual supply chain that enables SMEs to manage and decrease operational costs.

Embedded on-demand trade finance services

Access fast, reliable and fair financial solutions in an on-demand trade financing ecosystem powered by data transparency across value chains.

Universal supplier dashboard


Your agnostic all-in-one operational dashboard to work with multiple business partners, manage tasks, and track the fulfilment of your international transactions.

Empowering the next generation of global SMEs

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